Room 5 Agency is an international artist booking agency, founded in 2005 Helsinki, Finland. The Agency was originally established to answer to demand of national radio station Radio KLF, to deliver artists to the stations parties all over the country. After co-operation with artists like Chicane, DJ Sammy and Snap!, the first international booking outside of Finland was made in 2009, connecting Technotronic to a festival in Huesca, Spain.

Now, over 10 years later, Room 5 Agency is full service artist management company and international artist booking agency, having headquater in London. Check our roster from global pages here, and book the world’s biggest music stars available for your festival, club event, and corporate event or private party. Room 5 Agency is instrumental in giving promoters all the assistance they can to make a date successful.

For work opportunities, please send us your CV and list of linguistic knowledge. Experience in marketing/selling would be the ones to rise your possibilities to join the team of the Room 5 Agency -family. The email for job enquiries is Also please add a picture of you to the email.