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Space Date, Your Mind, Teach Me, What You Need, Going Down, Rubicon

Easily one of the most important Swedish techno artists, Adam Beyer has remained a sought-after DJ and restlessly prolific producer since the mid-’90s. Mainly associated with a driving, percussion-heavy style of techno created entirely with DJs and dance clubs in mind, he is the manager of the appropriately named Drumcode label.

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He has released a few full-lengths, including 1996’s Decoded and 2002’s surprisingly eclectic Ignition Key (on his more atmospheric Truesoul label), but his recorded output mainly consists of numerous singles and EPs.

Praised for his impeccable, innovative mixing skills (often involving three turntables and fast-paced transitions), he has released several acclaimed mix CDs, including 2002’s Stockholm Mix Sessions, Vol. 3, and 2005’s Fabric 22, and is constantly booked at major clubs and festivals throughout the world.

Beyer was born in Stockholm in 1976. By the time he turned 20, he had already released nearly a crate full of records, either on his own or as part of short-lived trance, acid, and techno projects with fellow Swedish producers like Peter Benisch, Jesper Dahlbäck, and Joel Mull. Drum Codes 1, his first solo EP for Planet Rhythm Records in 1995, provided the name for his Drumcode label a year later. Planet Rhythm released Beyer’s full-length debut, Decoded, as well as its remix companion, 1997’s Recoded, but he has mainly focused on Drumcode and its related imprints since then (although he has sporadically recorded for other notable labels, such as Soma, Plus 8, and Wagon Repair). Beyer’s second album, Protechtion, appeared on Drumcode in 1999. While best known for his harder, grittier tracks, he began to release slightly softer, more melodious tracks through his Code Red imprint and Conceiled Project alias. In 2002, he founded the Truesoul label and expanded on this deep techno and ambient sounds with his third full-length, Ignition Key, which explored Detroit-influenced techno and electro.

Fuse Presents Adam BeyerBy this time, Beyer was well established as an exemplary DJ, and he released numerous mix CDs during the early 21st century. Stockholm Mix Sessions, Vol. 3 appeared on Turbo in 2002, with Fabric 22 following in 2005. Fuse Presents Adam Beyer was released in 2008, and Cocoon Heroes (with Dorian Paic) arrived in 2011. Beyer’s tracks during the 2010s have become significantly less intense than his earlier productions, sometimes verging on house and even incorporating occasional vocals. In 2016, Beyer married Ida Engberg, whom he regularly DJs with. Paul Simpson~(

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