Loona (NL)
Bailando, Hijo de la Luna, Vamos a la Playa

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Loona is best known for her catchy, good mood, summervibe tunes such as “Bailando”, “Vamos a la Playa”, “Mamboleo”, “Latino Lover” or “Viva el Amor” with easy beats, sounds, melodies and simple lyrics. Although she also released ballads such as the Mecano cover versions “Hijo de la Luna” or “Salvador Dalí”. Other genres include pop (“Dónde Vas” or “La Vida es una Flor”), vocal trance/electronic (“Prince of Love”, “Sunlight” or “Rise Again”), R&B (“No one loves you (like I do)”) or reggaeton, such as “Everybody on the floor (Uh la la la)”.

While Loona experimented with ambient sounds on the second album Entre dos aguas, such as in “Pajaro sin cielo” or “Tell me why”, for the third studio album Colors, she used a more mature and oriental sound, which can be heard on songs like “Land of broken dreams”, “If you want my love” or “Rhythm of the Night”, a remake of “Hadi Bakalım” from Sezen Aksu’s 1991 album Gülümse. Since “Parapapapapa”, Loona has returned to the summervibe tune roots.

Loona is known for numerous songs and singles being covers of other artists such as Paradisio, Mecano, Herbert Grönemeyer, Luv’, Elvis Presley, Sezen Aksu, David Bisbal, Donna Summer, Don Henley, Cidinho & Doca, Miranda, Pigbag, Los Diablos, Taylor Dayne, Barry Manilow, Helene Fischer, Francisco Alves, Gebroeders Ko or Lylloo & Lorinda (Not counting her fourth album Wind of Time, which was a full cover album), which ended up of 21 of her first 42 singles being cover versions so far. She is also noted for singing multilingual, mostly Spanish, spanglish or English, but also parts in Arabic (“Salam Aleikoum”), French (“Et me voila”), Dutch (“Ademloos door de Nacht”) or German (“Gib mir deine Angst”, “OMG! Dein Body ist so Heiß”).