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Dum Da Dum, Give It Up (For The Melodie), Anyone Out There

Melodie MC & Statikk are Swedish dance music pioneers that during the 90s had major success all over the world by combining heavy beats, fast rap and catchy choruses.

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It all started in the late 80s early 90s. As part of the studio collective Sidelake, Melodie MC and Statikk produced club bangers, way before most forthcoming Swedish dance acts even knew what dance music was. From the very start up until when they left the music business in 1997/98 Melodie MC and Statikk released records in over 65 countries and made a name for themselves in clubs and on hitlists all over the world.

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Together they had a string of hits with songs like Take me away, Dum Da Dum, I wanna dance, Give it up (for the Melodie), Anyone out there, Climb any Mountain, Bomba Deng, Real Man and Embrace The Power etc. generating both Gold and Platinum records.

They also over the years, successfully collaborated with some of the best artists, vocalists, producers and remixers, just to name a few: Rohan Heat (Urban Cookie Collection, UK), Yvonne Shelton (Loveland, UK), Douglas Carr (Cheiron, SWE), The late Denniz Pop RIP (Cheiron, SWE), The late St. James RIP (Sound Factory, SWE), Pierre Jerksten (Hertz, SWE), Matthews Green (Pandora, SWE), and of course, soul diva extra ordinaire, Jocylyn Brown (Le Chic, Incognito, US)

After over 20 years absence Melodie MC and Statikk are now officially back, after joining the Swedish “We who love the 90s” 2019 summer tour, and are now available for bookings. ~Melodie MC & Statikk

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