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It started 1993 when Patrick Samoy and Luc Rigaux better known as The Unity Mixers (aka Unity Power) were deeply impressed by the outstanding voice of a Spanish girl named Marisa Garcia Asensio. Marisa was born in Malaga, Spain, but currently resides in Belgium. This combination of two creative musical minds and an extraordinary girl in all sences of the word, is their key to success and stardom.

Patrick was composer & co witer for Sandra, Marie-Belle Perez & Shelby for all Paradisio’s original tracks. He also did remixes for Depeshe Mode, Queen, Double You, Indra, Corona, Unity Mix,Technotronic,Twenty 4 Seven,Mc Sar, Apotheosis,Indra,Rozlyne Clarke,P.Lion,Santa,Esmeralda,Member of Music Factory, Belinda Carlisle and many more…

The first release Un Clima ideal was immediately a smash hit all over Belgium. Their second single Bailando sold worldwide over 1.000.000 copies in less than a year. The single was awarded with:
Golden record : Denmark / Norway / Luxemburg / Holland / Russia
Double gold : France / Belgium / Finland / Italy / Mexico / Chile / Venezuela / Argentina
Platinum record : Germany / Sweden

The sexy way in which Marisa sings ‘Si senor…’ reminds a lot of young people of their first summer holiday love. No wonder that it went to n°1 in Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Finland… sold more than 450.000 copies only in France and was the best selling single in Sweden ever (triple platinum!!). The third single Vamos a la discoteca was bingo again. By using a wide range of coloured wings for every public prefromance Marisa created for herself a distinctive image. In the meantime the full album has been released accross Europe.

Since 2008, young and pretty Shelby Diaz, from Hispano-italian descent, carries us on dancefloors with her senual voice. Détermined and strong-minded, Shelby Diaz has always dreamt of having a musical carreer.

She took her chance and proved her talent during a casting. She convinced her audience and her dream came true. Shelby Diaz re-recorded “Bailando”, renamed “Bailando (Me Dices Adios)” in 2009. She in fact rewrote the lyrics, while respecting this great danceloor classic’s phonetic, which is still in everyone’s memory.