Sin With Sebastian (DE)
Shut Up And Sleep With Me, Golden Boy, Fuck You (I Am in Love)

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Born Sebastian Roth in a small town of Southern Germany – made it to the top of the charts with his original songs and (co)production of “Shut Up (And Sleep With Me)” and “Golden Boy” (Single and Album) 1995-1997. After being an artist he retreated into music production and song writing and traveling.

I enjoy the freedom not being in the lime light gives me. It was an interesting experience to be #1 in charts, to hear my music on the radio – but at the end of the day it´s not life filling – and definitely not worth spending much energy for to repeat it.

I am thankful for the experience and ultimately for the freedom the success has given me: the freedom to do what i like, to help others with their music and to travel the world. I go with the flow and don´t make any decisions about the future – also not about the future of “sin with sebastian”. The future unfolds every day anyway – without any “doing”.~ Sebastian